How to Easily Communicate With Your Clients the Way They Want You To


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Advisorpedia interviewed Redtail Technology CEO and CTO Brian McLaughlin at the FSI OneVoice Conference in February 2022.

"I'm super excited about the launch of Redtail speak 2.0, which we did just a few weeks ago, it's a big upgrade from our current platform where we've actually separated from the CRM solution, and made it a standalone product.

Now all advisors across the country can use it. And they don’t have to necessarily use the Redtail CRM, to do the work of texting clients, collecting all the data for compliance, being able to report and audit that information.

We're seeing a great expansion of adoption of a program, which really allows the advisors to easily communicate the way their clients want to talk to them, which is via text messaging.

You know, even the older clients, they prefer the quick interaction of a text of hey, can you check the status of my account? Are we still on for next Tuesday for a client meeting. And then that's the inbound from the client perspective. But the outbound is really straightforward, where it's appointment reminders, maybe account tray reminder, alert for something, all that can be done then seamlessly without having to wait or hope that they open that email, that it get caught in spam or junk, none of that's going to happen. And then they can simply just hit reply right back in their native tools.

What's amazing about speak, is that doesn't require the client to download anything, they just use their iPhone or Android devices, and just start communicating.

From the advisor perspective, there's a website and a mobile application. So they can do it on the run on the go. And even do things like out of office reminders, bulk messaging, scheduled messaging, stuff like that. There are two things about the efficiency you get from speak. One is you have forced clients opening up quicker.

It's been tracked that our studies have been out there saying, hey, about three minutes from the time a message is sent via text by the time they actually see it and process it. Because of course, you can pick up your phone, you get the preview right there. I didn't have to open an app to actually read and consume the information. So you get instant contact to your clients. Right. The other thing is to spam and junk filters and everything else. People just miss it. I mean, if you're anything like me, I get hundreds of emails a day. You're just sorting through and there's that one important one was texting. I just don't miss that."

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