How to Be Nimble in the Age of New FinTech with Hussain Zaidi

Are you struggling to adapt to new FinTech?

Join us today and listen in as host Doug Heikkinen and guest Hussain Zaidi, co-founder and CEO of Advizr, discuss how technology is changing the fiduciary environment. In this conversation, they uncover FinTech’s newest advancements and consider whether regulation will ever happen.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What technological forces may threaten advisors
  • About the latest advancements in FinTech
  • How advisors can compete in today’s’ market by adapting to the new FinTech
  • The importance of offering services to a client regardless of their net worth
  • And much more

Tune in now and learn what it means to be nimble in the age of new FinTech. Related: Dinosaur or Entrepreneur: Which Kind of Advisor Are You? with Jeffrey Sica

Presented by: Thompson IM Funds, Inc.