How the Competitive Herd Runs and Why It Will Destroy You

Competition, regardless of the industry, is increasing with blazing speed. Fuelled by disruptions caused by the internet and hard-technology innovation, the number of competitors entering ANY space is increasing at a breathless rate.

You would think that in the face of relentless competitive pressure, organizations would get more proficient at carving out a differentiated position in their market. Creating a Value Proposition that is crystal clear and unique.

But, it is not happening. In fact the opposite is occurring.

Un-differentiation is the norm.

Business is infatuated with copying.

Best in Class and Best of Breed are targets for comparison.

Benchmarking is the key driver of ‘innovation’.

Follow the Leader is played with the belief that somehow a Stand-Out competitive claim will evolve. It just does not happen.

Products and Services end up on most organizations’ infatuation list. Me-too capabilities are promulgated in the market with the hope and prayer that a miracle will happen and THEIR solution will end up being the winner.

Product features and benefits are stressed as the panacea to the customer’s wants, desires and cravings.

Mass markets are catered to, driven by a one-size-fits-all marketing mentality.

Product corners are rounded, believing that incremental changes will make the product appeal to more people. Problem is, this strategy results in the product appealing to no one.

Businesses rush to offer lower prices than their competition. Everyone is in this game to a degree. It seems to be all about a race to the bottom on price for The Herd.

The Bottom line… The world is burning with a growing competitive flame yet organizations are NOT very good at establishing a clear, relevant and unique claim that clearly distinguishes them from their competitors; that makes them Stand-Out from everyone else.

The solution?

Build your business around my Strategic Game Plan process and use The ONLY Statement to carve out your unique position in the markets you choose to serve.

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