How Are You Achieving New Heights?

It was with great delight that I met with female entrepreneurs achieving new heights.

I was asked to speak to an alumni group of the Tory Birch–Goldman Sachs organization. It was an honor. However, a few minutes into the conversation, I was the one applauding. My cheer is for the organization providing their students with stellar business instruction. The investment of time and education is paying off handsomely.  To date, their achievements are remarkable. This particular group was all female.  The women are each on a mission to build their dream business. I was referred in as a speaker, on the topic of sales. Long ago, the entrepreneurial environment was every person for themselves. For most, the focus on self did not work out well. Today, the biggest differentiator is the collaborative effort. It is a new era where energy is on helping female entrepreneurs achieve their goals. The additional piece is to include community goodwill. The time allotment for me to present was one hour. I always ask for questions from my audience so I may provide a targeted presentation.
Selling is about how we uniquely serve our clientele and audience.
Typically, I capture the brief questions of each participant. I then provide the answers in the order of the presentation. However, upon hearing the first person offer her story and concern, it was a signal for me to update my style. Intuitively, I changed my presentation to align with the needs of the attendees.
Honesty is always the best policy.

Flexibility: Are You Achieving New Heights?

The business models of many of the attendees are very different from my corporate sales experience. Instead of hanging my head low, a new idea came to me. Acknowledging how far the entrepreneurs have come, I suggested using the time for a brainstorming session. Participation from everyone was highly encouraged. I gave up being the sole voice everyone came to hear. Instead, we all shared the best of what we know. Together we eliminated the question, ‘are you achieving new heights?’

The Outcome:

  • I encouraged everyone to participate in a brainstorming session
  • Each entrepreneur shared achievements to date along with their requests for help
  • We enjoyed an open exchange of brilliant answers from multiple sources
My final suggestion was the group continue down this road for years to come. The dynamics of the session changed on many levels. With multiple attendees in the room, the time allotment of one hour grew into three hours. The time spent proved to be well-worthwhile.. That evening, I shared the day’s event with my family. My opening statement: ‘You know I never do things like everyone else…’ Laughter was mine, and then I shared the story. Popular thought suggests that your success is dependent upon the company you keep. The sentiment has repeatedly proven to be true.

Take time to consider your reality:

  • Friends are attempting to hold you back
  • Reciprocity doesn’t exist within your professional network
  • Original ideas are lacking

Stereotypical Networks

A cheering squad behind you is not the norm. More often, the people you count on for support fade away when you appear to be moving ahead. Should you be facing evidence of declining encouragement, it may be time to readjust your connections. Growing a business is a challenging effort but can be highly rewarding. Should you be at a crossroads, research classes, and possible certification that may contribute to your advancement.

Eliminate the Question, ‘Are You Achieving New Heights?’

When you meet like-minded people dedicated to a similar goal, form a group.  Exchange new thought and ideas.  You will find yourself among supportive peers. Members may point out errors, but will also suggest how to improve growth.  Grooming a network of this type will contribute handsomely to your success. Be the one who offers help and who receives it with appreciation. Encourage ongoing brainstorming sessions. Your group will become adept at dealing with the forever changing times. As you develop a core group, embrace being dedicated to helping one another.  You will eliminate the question, are you achieving new heights?  It will be self-evident that everyone is rising to the occasion.

Sales Tips: Are You Achieving New Heights?

  1. Seek out help and support as needed
  2. Enthusiastically provide advice and support
  3. Commit to continual education
  4. Exchange new research and ideas with peers
  5. Form a brain trust that meets monthly
  6. Admit stumbling blocks so that others may assist
  7. Listen to experiences of people from varying backgrounds
  8. Share new victories due to the help received
  9. Consider creating a collaborative project
  10. Celebrate Success!
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