Get and Stay on T.O.P.

Business and life move at the speed of thought. Are you harnessing your brilliance to make the advances you desire? Get on T.O.P.

T - Track your activity, learnings, and progress. History and experience are great teachers and motivators if you pay attention. Be sure to have a tool (planner, organizer, diary) that you can capture what you accomplished and did each day. 

Items might include: 

Prospecting and biz-dev activities; people you met with and what was discussed; your overall mood and health; what you are reading/studying; wins; set-backs; obstacles you overcame.

Look over what you captured at the end of your day. Review it at the end of the week, month, and quarter. Use the gold you listed in your planning going forward. 

O - Organize your current day for success. Successful people manage themselves more effectively in relation to time than those who continually struggle do. It's about prioritizing. Peter Drucker suggests - "First things first and second things not at all; one thing at a time." What are the 3-6 most important things you must do to advance your success today? Make that your six-pack for the day. Do the most important one first and then the next one to its completion, and then the next.

Lists are great if you know how to use them the right way. Most people don't. Get the most important things on your list into your calendar when you can actually do something about each particular item.

Organize and declutter your working environment so it supports you in getting things done. Remove the kryptonite (distractions & interruptions) that weakens your efficiency and effectiveness. Have the tools you need at the ready to complete the projects you are committed to.

P - Plan your ideal compelling future. Where are you headed over the next 3-5 years and what do you want it to look like? Does that vision inspire you or expire you? 

Rework it so you want to work it. 

What's your purpose for meeting up with your vision? What must get done this year? What will you focus on and achieve this quarter, month, and week? Write it down and view it each day. Doing so will elevate your awareness and impulses to direct you toward getting the mission critical tasks and projects completed.

By working and reviewing the TOP items above and having them in your planner/organizer, you will surely meet up with greater success sooner rather than later.

Ralph Waldo Emerson referred to luck as tenacity of purpose (another "top").

Tracking, Organizing, & Planning will fuel your tenacity and bring you good fortune.

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