Five Questions for Leaders To Ring in the New Year

What a year it has been for leaders around the globe. We all tried our best to ride the waves of uncertainty while still searching for a meaningful landing. Look inwards and recognize that you absolutely had intense growth moments whether or not you anticipated any new lessons. Leaders were literally hit with waves crashing and the only choice they had to survive was surf through them. Although each leader experienced the year in a different way, our stories of survival are probably a consistent theme.

Join me now in applauding yourselves for reaching this point today. Leaders are deserving of an illuminating 2023 and they know what they have to do.

Put fear in the rearview mirror.

Set a clear path forward with bold goals.

Be brave by not allowing imposter syndrome to emerge.

Allow our gifts and talents to shine brightly.

Here are five questions for leaders to ring in the New Year:

1. What Do I Want For 2023?

Number one question for every leader as they begin a new year is what is it they really want. Be honest with yourself and even ask yourself out loud what is most important for your path forward this year.

  • Are you on the career path that brings you fulfillment?
  • What does fulfillment look like?
  • What needs to change in my personal life and what is working well?

2. Which Lessons Will Guide Me In The Coming Year?

We all experienced falls and slip-ups this past year and strong leaders know that what is important is what we learned along the way. This is the time to acknowledge what went haywire and how we contributed to that. Holding ourselves accountable will help us lead with more impact in the coming year. Admit the flops. Identify what could have been done differently. Choose the new actions to take in the coming year.

3. What is Non-Negotiable For 2023?

Equally as important as understanding how we need to be more flexible, is a leader’s recognition of where there is no room for compromise. To figure this out, leaders might want to take a deep dive into what motivates them and what they value most.

  • Craft your 2022 leadership story and look for places you felt you compromised too much.
  • What values are most important to bring into your professional life in 2023? Maybe being in-person and around people more is essential.
  • What truly gets you up out of bed and into your work world?

4. Which Strengths Do I Want To Build On?

In reflecting on this past year of survival, leaders came to recognize their incredible strengths and gifts. How would you describe the talents that others rely on and ask your help with? What comes naturally to you when interacting with others or when tackling an assignment? When does work feel like fun and joyful? These are all clues to areas you should feel proud of and develop.

5. Who Do I Long To Connect With in 2023?

Throughout our leadership we meet people on our journey who help us take our leadership to greater heights. Sometimes these individuals are on our teams or in our workplaces. Other times we find them in our personal lives through an everyday action. Even for those leaders who lean in the direction of being more introverted, these people are critical to our growth and development as leaders.

  • Who on your team would you enjoy learning more about their life outside work?
  • Which senior leader has a position that you are fascinated with and would love to learn more about their path?
  • How can I find a coach to help me navigate this crossroad in my career and even prepare for a promotion? I can be that coach for you. Just reach out.

How will you ring in the New Year? What questions will help you grow your leadership in 2023?

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