Don’t Try To Be Perfect, Try To Offer Value Instead

When De Lu Marketing was still in its beginning stages, I was obsessed with everything being perfect for our new business. I overworked everything: our logo, our website tagline, our social media posts, etc. Every detail mattered so much to me.

I scrolled endlessly on others’ Instagram feeds, analyzing what they were doing and how perfectly color-matched their feed appeared. Was it every third post they used the same shade of blue? Every fourth? And why did I care?! I agonized over it.

It was exhausting, unbalancing, and it sucked away my time.

What I didn’t realize then was how little I would care later about how perfect our Instagram feed looked, or if our tagline used the “absolute best” combination of words. Time is so easily wasted when you believe everything has to be perfect or when you’re comparing yourself to others.

Over time, I learned to make decisions quickly. Taking action is what’s going to help you progress, not perfection. Overworking something isn’t going to grow your business; rather, it bogs you down. It undermines what’s important.

With motivation and decisiveness, everything will start to come together. These two traits are essential for anyone starting a business or working to grow a business.

Get your name out there by releasing content. Write blogs. Release e-books. Share your articles on social media. Write stories about your brand. Send content to your email list. But don’t try to be perfect. Try to offer value and be real. Because that’s what’s truly going to make a difference.

According to Daniel Rodic in his Ted Talk, the truly successful people are ones that don’t have that zero-sum mentality—where one person’s gain is another’s loss. Far from it. Those who are truly successful embrace the concept of adding value first: adding more value to their ecosystem than they take. They strive to always give more to their communities then they take, and always give more to their customers than their customers pay for.

By just adding more value to the world, you are a success. So instead of striving for perfection, focus on adding value, and you’re on your way to being a very successful company.

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