Client Conversations to Have This Holiday Season

Written by: Kelton Corcoran | NaviPlan With the holidays upon us and the end of the year just around the corner, advisors should be looking to take advantage of this season to engage with their clients. Not only can advisors use this time to show gratitude for their current set of clients, but they can also leverage this time of year to naturally discover new client needs, increase assets under management (AUM), and even expand their books of business. Here are some client conversations to consider having this holiday season.

Charitable giving

The joyful holiday season invokes a sense of giving and though that means dedicating volunteer time or small contributions for most clients, some high-net-worth (HNW) individuals may be considering a substantial donation. According to the 2018 U.S. Trust HNW Philanthropy Study, 68 percent of wealthy donors indicated that tax benefits have motivated them to give. By developing an advanced giving strategy, advisors can show how assets can be donated in a tax-friendly manger, allowing clients to give more than they thought was possible. For more information on helping clients establish a giving strategy, see this article.

Estate planning

With a spike in family time over the coming weeks, clients may find it convenient to discuss the financial road ahead with family members over the holidays. Whether the estate planning conversation is just kicking off, or your clients are simply hoping to provide an update to their heirs, advisors can help by developing a detailed estate strategy and delivering the advice with easy-to-read client reports. NaviPlan helps advisors navigate the estate planning process with a depth of estate strategy options and reporting features. Learn more about this functionality here.
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Expectations for the new year

The coming of the holiday season also means the year is coming to a close, presenting an ideal time for advisors to look back at the year prior with your clients and look forward to new opportunities they might have in mind. Perhaps your clients are preparing to welcome a new child, planning for a large purchase such as a home renovation, or are thinking of a career change in the new year. These are all areas where an advisor can help clients navigate the financial path forward and build more trust in the client-advisor relationship. With the NaviPlan Scenario Manager, advisors can assess how life changes in the new year can impact their financial situation and test alternative strategies.


This time of year is also an excellent time to expand your firm’s book of business through referrals. The holidays spawn a number of gatherings with family, friends, and co-workers, where discussions over financial matters can arise. For instance, clients may be discussing their retirement dreams with a recent retiree or asking for advice on saving for a newborn’s education. Remember the importance of client outreach during this season and do not be afraid to seek referrals. Send your clients with a few extra business cards in the chance they come across someone looking for a new advisor. For more information on the importance of client outreach during the holiday season, check out this blog.