Cash Balance Plans May Be Worth More Than You Know

Are you looking for a way to ease your tax bill and attract employees to your company?

In this episode, Tim Scannell interviews special guest Mary Stines of Crowe LLP. Mary uses her immense knowledge of taxation and years of experience to answer all of your questions about cash balance plans (CBPs). She even provides highlights from a real-life example of how a company has benefitted from this type of plan. In this episode, you will learn:
  • What a cash balance plan is
  • Whether a CBP will work with your current 401(k) plan
  • Whether there are restrictions or limits for CBP contributions
  • As a company owner, what you need to be aware of regarding CBP
  • And more!
Tune in now and learn about cash balance plans — their benefits to you may be worth more than you know. Related: Could a Family Bank Be the Solution?