Cannabis Trends That Are Shaping the Industry in 2022

Written by: Peter Minkoff

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing branches of the industry today in many places. With more countries and states legalizing cannabis use, the industry continues to thrive despite the pandemic and other crises all over the world. So what can we expect from this amazing plant in 2022?

Overall growth of the industry

In 2022, we can expect to see growth in sales across all sectors of the cannabis industry. Why? Firstly, the stigma surrounding cannabis is slowly fading, and the public is more and more accepting of the products, especially thanks to scientific research linked to cannabis benefits. Secondly, slowly but surely, people are ditching black market purchases and opting for legal dispensaries. Thirdly, more countries and more states are legalizing cannabis, so more people have easy and safe access to products. Fourthly, there are more and more new products entering the market like powderized cannabis. These new products are interesting to the users, which is also boosting sales.

Flower share continues to decrease

What is interesting in the cannabis industry is the trend of lower and lower flower consumption. Of course, people are still buying marijuana flowers, and it’s still the biggest category, but the shares are slowly dropping. The flower is still being bought, but not as much as before. All cannabis businesses should keep an eye on flower sales numbers and consider how to either boost sales or adopt new products.

Cannabis and IoT

Thanks to the Internet of Things and the data and connectedness it provides, we can see a lot more tools and products that collect data that allow improvements in the industry. For instance, QR codes can be printed on packaging and smoking tools and regularly updated with new information relevant to the users. Also, cannabis tech is getting smart and allowing integration with other smart household tools. Thanks to the IoT, marketing experts will gain access to more data, so we can expect new marketing strategies. With new data, cannabis marketers and brands will reach new markets.

Product delivery

Now, for all the customers who don’t want to visit dispensaries or can’t do so for various reasons, some brands are offering delivery. In California, it’s possible to shop products and order cannabis delivery in Palm Springs—it’s easy, quick and safe. This service is very useful for busy people, but especially for medical marijuana users who might not be capable of getting their medicine any other way. Delivery today includes everything from flowers and edibles to concentrates, topicals, tinctures, extracts and vaporizers.

Educated buyers

Here’s a very important trend for the evolving cannabis industry—users are getting more and more educated on the products, practices and industry standards. Thanks to content marketing that is publishing tons of research and educational content, people are learning a lot about cannabis. So how does that affect businesses? Well, brands will need to hire educated and competent staff at dispensaries, follow all industry standards and follow new trends to stay relevant.

More cannabinoids gaining an audience

So far, THC is the most popular and sought-after cannabinoid, especially among people who use cannabis for fun. However, in 2022, consumers will also get interested in other cannabinoids like THCV, THC-A and CBG. Thanks to this trend, all users will be able to find exactly what they want and need and eliminate the guessing game. There are other cannabis compounds like Delta 8 and 10 that consumers are getting familiar with. These new cannabinoids allow users to not only get high but reach their fitness goals, boost their wellness and enjoy a variety of health benefits.

From the standpoint of 2022, the sky is the limit for the cannabis industry. We can only dream about how the industry will develop in the future. So far, we are satisfied with new trends that bring cannabis products closer to many new users and allow a much safer consummation of the products.

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