Are You Apple or Are You Kodak?

What’s your magnet for growth? When the iPod was introduced twenty years ago, Apple has a $7.7B market cap. Today? 2.%T. Do you have a catalyst product or service or person within reach that you don’t see? I know you have one, several in fact! The real question is, are you working hard to discover it, to see it? In fact, do you even believe you have it? Are you Apple or are you Kodak?

The question comes up, does #innovation catalyze growth? Yes, of course, if you’re willing, if you believe, if you think like an innovator. So, how do innovators think? Great question. They’re not tightly bound by their so-called current area of expertise. They tend to take a broader view, a holistic view, a view that anticipates, or more accurately, discovers the #future of their industry and more broadly, their world.

Steve Jobs was known as a #technology genius. But innovation was really his prowess and the list is vast: #computing (Apple I, Apple II, Macintosh, NeXT, iMac), #film (Pixar), #music (iPod, iTunes), #mobility (iPhone, iPad), #architecture (Apple Park) and of course #retail (The Apple Store).

Are you investing in #growth? Are you positioned for the future, investing in that future? Which talent, product, person, idea is already within your four walls that will catapult you into the future?

Are you Apple or are you Kodak?

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