Advisorpedia? Here’s the Story

The initial idea behind Advisorpedia was that a broad collection of voices was going to be much more valuable to the financial advisor community than just the few loud ones we hear from over and over again.  Yes, the pundits are important, but I thought there was also a bit of danger there as well.  What if they are not always right?

After more than 30 years in the financial services industry, I appreciate that advisors are very intelligent individuals, and have the deepest respect for your calling. You have accepted the challenge of advising your clients towards their dreams. You work to create value for them. You also have a unique business to run and make thrive. It’s up to you to make the right choices for your firm. You need a constant stream of ideas on how to do all of that.

We also all work in an industry that seems to be just a bit behind the rest of the world in innovating.

I think that’s because our work revolves around the one thing people need to survive and flourish – financial stability. Innovation is a tough thing to accomplish, but not impossible. If you are willing to open yourself and your practice to new ways of doing things.

So, we all need fresh ideas.  Ideas to help us do the things we do better, faster and perhaps, differently. Our mission at and now, Advisorpedia, has always been to facilitate access to as many of these ideas and the voices behind them as possible. My job as editor is to bring you as many innovative concepts (and how to implement them) as I can across the areas of asset management, practice advancement and inspiration.

My filters for articles are simple:

  • Does this help an Advisor?
  • Is it interesting and can it be shared to help someone else?  
  • If so, let’s get it out there!

We certainly have investors come to the site as well — and we welcome that.  All of the content that they may come in contact with allows them to have better conversations with you, their financial advisor. Our goal is to build you both a higher starting point from which to begin conversations.

It’s everything we set forth to create with this platform — to be the most helpful place advisors can come to grow their minds and businesses. It also brings a responsibility to do it even better than we have before. Challenge accepted.

My journey with, now Advisorpedia, has been an extraordinary one. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with and being advised by some of the best people in our business. I am very thankful for the support and guidance our CEO, Tai-Chin Tung, and our investors have provided. We all know how important building the right team is to any business, and we have found the jewels. I am continuously impressed by this team, and grateful for the effort they put in. The most important thing this incredible collective has taught me is not to rein in the knowledge of others. Instead, work to find new and different ways to unleash it.

You’ll see a lot more coming out of us in the near future. We’ll remember (and help you remember) who we really serve — the end investor, the retiree, and the next generation of individuals and families that are trying to build their future.

I always say that any business has to answer three questions. Who are you? What do you do? And why do you matter?

  • We are a multi-media platform focused on Financial Advisors.
  • We have a portal that promotes ideas from everywhere.
  • People get better because of it.

Wherever you’re going, we hope to already be there for you.

Douglas Heikkinen

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