5 Types of Video Game Industry Jobs That Are on the Rise

Written by: Peter Minkoff

Technology is evolving so quickly, that it’s no wonder the world is introducing new careers and tech-oriented professions at every turn. Even when you narrow it down to a single industry, such as the gaming industry, you’re in for a surprise, in the best possible sense of the phrase. First and foremost, keep in mind that this is an industry that exceeds $300 billion in value today. Secondly, this is an industry that is intricately connected to a wide array of other sectors, like hardware development and cloud computing. 

With all that in mind, the professional landscape in the world of gaming is literally flourishing. We are no longer dealing with “just” game developers, but a complex network of roles that all depend on one another for success. Here are a few that you can tap into for your own career in the gaming industry.

Voice acting on the rise

Games are becoming more immersive, their storylines more intricate, and their characters more relatable. Unlike old-school linear games with prerecorded and stock sound effects for common types of interactions, modern games need to have strong acting to support the story and the characters – which is where voice actors come into play.

Depicting characters with unique personalities and with dozens (if not more) alternative communication lines, voice actors need to have patience, endurance, and above all, they need to know how to connect to the game itself. 

Dedicated gaming merch and tech

Just like athletes have their own wearables and all kinds of accessories made to accommodate their physique, energy needs, and fabric preferences, gamers have become very selective with their options, too. 

From noise-canceling headphones, ergonomic chairs and keyboards, all the way to clothes with gaming motives, you’ll find that the world of technology as well as apparel is adapting at a speedy pace. If you’re a product designer and you have a keen eye for games, this is your chance!

The food and beverage industry in the mix

Gamers need to hydrate and snack, right? Well, thanks to the quickly growing number of gamers in the professional gaming sphere, we now have foods ad beverages made to help gamers elevate their energy and stay focused. A gamer will often reach for their favorite gaming energy drink based on plants like ginkgo biloba in order to perform better without experiencing any jitters.  

As a result, we now have better, caffeine-free beverages and foods designed specifically for the avid and professional gamers out there. For people with expertise in chemistry and biology, this is a brilliant way to give more healthful solutions to gamers while at the same time establishing a unique business. 

Language specialists – translators and writers

Much like voice acting helps gamers make the most of the experience, translators and writers contribute greatly to the process of game development from that creative and practical standpoint. Gaming companies today want to make their products available to a global market, which often means making language changes in the process.

This is where writers can help with cultural adaptation and changing the script so as to meet the requirements of the target audience, while translators can help make the game more immersive to different audiences. The gaming industry depends greatly on so many different creative roles that it’s more than possible to find your own career path even if you don’t initially have any gaming experience whatsoever.

Developers and artists

Last, but certainly not least, we have dedicated gaming developers and artists in a wide array of roles that support each other greatly. To put it in perspective, a gaming developer can’t do much without a designer or a 3D artist, but the artist also needs the developer to bring the game to life. In a sense, they create a unique ecosystem of roles that depend on each other.

Both developers and artists often need a specific degree in either of the fields in order to enter the market to begin with. With so many advanced development languages and design tools, education and training are essential, making this aspect of the gaming industry incredibly competitive. 

As you can see, the world is quickly changing to incorporate more variety, even in the world of gaming. Perhaps you thought that being from an entirely different field couldn’t possibly be linked to gaming, but you’d be surprised how many professions can now specialize in gaming. Consider it your opportunity to join the playing field in a complementary role! 

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