4 Ways To Discover The Future That’s Patiently Waiting for You

One blessing about being in the business of innovation, I get the chance to talk with so many companies; big, small, old, new, creative, technical. One thing I’ve noticed — many of you are punching below your weight!

Now’s the time like never before to drive forward and discover that future that’s patiently waiting for you!

1. You’re missing a new paradigm; like sticking with traditional approaches when emerging innovation practices provide exponential gains — like sticking with traditional ads when engagement has moved to socialmedia

2. You’re missing new technology; like sticking with mobile or web when the emerging digital thread is AI blockchain extendedreality voice autonomy, etc; yes, all of it — learn and compete, or fade away

3. You’re missing your people; like sticking with traditional skillsets when your people offer so much more — a) missing innate skills because you don’t know them or b) missing finding them because recruiters don't see their talent or c) missing hiring them because your interview process is flawed.

4. You’re missing opportunity; like adding new rules and policies when you really need to do the opposite—free people up and loose their creativity on the landscape right in front of them! You will be happily surprised!

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