3 Bold Ways To Turn Your Resolution Into Unexpected Results

Resolutions rarely are achieved because they are aspirations at best.

Think about your challenge as creating a game plan NOT declaring a resolution.

A game plan to achieve your goal by the end of the year. A declaration with sufficient granularity to define specifically WHAT needs to be done to get to where you want to get to.

I am not a fan of resolutions.

“I resolve to…” is merely an aspiration; a dream that more often than not lacks the precision to achieve it

You may have the will; but unless you define the steps to achieve it, it is unlikely to happen.

My resolution is to get physically fit this year fit isn’t particularly helpful in terms of actually doing it; “I intend to join a gym by Feb 1st and workout at least twice a week.” Is much better because it’s operational.

Here are 3 suggestions that might help move you forward in terms of having a Resolution that actually yield results:

1. Keep it simple — What’s complicated doesn’t get done. Try for the binary thing: on or off; do it or not. Easy to measure.

You either want to get a new job or not. “Doing better” is a non-objective. Clap trap goals are meaningless. Too wishy-washy. Too vague.
“I intend to go on a vacation to Tahiti by September”. Nice. Simple.

2. Keep it focused — on your most pressing priorities. Just because the herd wants to go gluten-free you don’t have to.

And only include something if you are serious about doing it. What do you “itch for”? What do you crave? Ignore the rest of the universe. What do YOU want?

3. Keep it to three —Many scattered complicated declarations don’t work. Few promises get kept. Frustration creeps in. Your personal plan isn’t a To Do List. It’s not a list of possibilities.

What 3 things would make your life so much better? Travel? Education? Health? Career? Family?

Pick your top 3 and get on with it.

Good luck…

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