Six Steps for Crafting Effective Messaging

Need to develop targeted messages? Whether you are a marketer or a researcher working on developing and testing messages, we have an easy framework and quick tips on message testing.

Six Steps for Crafting Effective Messaging

  1. Understand Your Target Market: It is essential to align your messaging with your specific audiences needs so that you can drive brand loyalty and customer choice. Doing this right takes industry-specific expertise and an understanding of what’s driving decision-making in your sector. 
  2. Uncover Functional and Emotional Benefits: You need to get to the core of how your brand or product can resonate with your target audience. Understanding functional benefits like cost efficiencies, convenience and security—and emotional benefits like trust and stability—can help drive connection.
  3. Identify Support Points for Messaging: This crucial step ensures comprehensive understanding with your target audience on every level. A lot of thought goes into decision making for financial services, and you need to hit the mark. What exactly are the aspects of your product or service that your customers are seeking?
  4. Develop Multiple Potential Messages: Crafting distinct messages with a benefit theme allows for clear differentiation in a crowded marketplace and helps your brand stand out from the competition. This step allows you to explore the various ways you could move forward to connect with your audience on a deeper level and build lasting brand loyalty.
  5. Conduct Qualitative and Quantitative Testing: Crafting the right approach for testing among your target market(s) helps identify the most effective communication strategy. Qualitative research will guide message refinement with rich contextual insights, while quantitative data allows for advanced analytics for message prioritization.
  6. Analyze Results for the 'Winning' Message: Logica collaborates with you to transform insights gathered each step of the way into a compelling narrative for practical application across departments and stakeholders, getting the messages that work best out there to perform!

Message Testing Case Study

The team at Logica® has been busy partnering with various clients to get the insights needed for crafting the right messaging and communications to target groups.

How Logica® helped one of the biggest banks develop effective messaging Read the Case Study

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