You Can Make Financial Planning Easy and Fun for Clients, Here’s How! with Reese Harper

Wealthy or not, every client has the same question:  “Am I going to be okay?”

Monte Carlo simulations and flow charts don’t reassure clients. They don’t connect the dots. That’s because these tools were built for advisors – they were never meant for clients.  

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Reese Harper, CEO of Elements. Reese discusses his client-centric mobile app that makes financial planning an easy and –– dare we say –– a fun experience for your clients. You will find out how this app helps clients answer their ultimate question while positioning you as their go-to expert.

Reese discusses:

    • What it will take for the financial industry to earn more trust from prospects and clients
    • The psychological technique Elements uses to motivate clients to update their financial data and ask important questions
    • How to make it ridiculously easy to onboard new clients –– without giving them boring, time-consuming homework ever again 
    • Overlooked benefits of expanding your target market beyond the top 1%
    • And more

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