Work Less and Make More with Matt Jarvis

This week I’ve got ‘advisor famous’ guest Matthew Jarvis of the Perfect RIA on the show to talk about all things working less and making more. 

Matt is right up my alley. He’s whittled his work days down to 100/yr (surpassing my 114!!!!), mastered surge scheduling and is adding massive value to his clients’ lives on minimum time. 

In this episode Matt and I talk about:

  • How he reduced his time in the office down to just 100 days
  • How surge scheduling allows him to give his family more than just his “leftovers” when it comes to time & energy
  • How to add ‘massive value’ to clients on minimum time
  • Time blocking, managing your energy, and SO MUCH MORE

I invite you to listen in to our discussion, and I know you will walk away with a renewed sense of excitement and implementable ideas on how you can work more efficiently without decreasing your client experience. 

AND - Matt and I are going to appear together at XYPN LIVE conference this October in Denver, CO. Come and see us! More info to come on this! 

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