Why There Will Never Be Another Expert Like You with Barbie the Welder

NOTE: This episode contains explicit language. Be advised.

We strongly believe in the principle of abundance. That means sharing everything you know about your expertise and not being afraid of the competition.

Why? Because your competition can never be YOU.

In an episode that features our most in-demand guest to date, Matt joins Barbara Parsons, popularly known as “Barbie the Welder.” They have a candid conversation about why Barbie’s devoted to teaching other welders to start their own empires. Barbie also shares how her iconic persona came to be and how she’s built a cult brand with a loyal base of a quarter-million fans.

You will learn:

  • Why Barbie rebranded herself from “Wonderland Welding” to “Barbie the Welder” 
  • The importance of being vulnerable and making mistakes throughout your journey
  • How Barbie’s inviting her audience to participate in her cult brand through her masterclass
  • How to be 100% true to yourself when developing your brand
  • And more!

Press play to tap into the principle of abundance and hear Barbie’s journey to building a cult brand!

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