Why Most People Retire Broke

Here’s a cold, hard fact of life:  Most people retire almost as broke as they were when they entered the world.  Why?

Well, there are several reasons. But none is more lethal than “Projection Bias.” It doesn’t just affect your clients either, it can also cause smart financial advisors like yourself into squandering your wealth. 

But fear not. In this episode, I reveal how this psychological fact seeps into your brain and sabotages you. And how you can stop it from happening before it devours your, or your clients’, wealth.  Listen now. 

Show highlights include:

  • Why decamillionaires don’t make most of their money in the stock market (and how to use this fact to land wealthier clients) (1:34) 
  • The “40% Secret” only the wealthiest people in the world know about and leverage (2:58) 
  • How being the dumbest person in the room is a cheat code for wealth creation (4:47) 
  • The insidious “Projection Bias” trap which results in most people retiring broke (even smart and successful financial advisors) (5:40) 
  • Why your emotions can sabotage your marketing, income, and even bankrupt your business (10:41) 
  • How financial success dupes you into making bone-headed decisions that vaporize your wealth (14:14) 
  • How to improve every aspect of your marketing by acting like a child (15:32) 

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