What You Need to Know About Fiduciary Duty Claim For Financial Professionals

What is a fiduciary? Investment advisors, financial advisors, and wealth managers can all adhere to different legal obligations. But how do those duties differ between different types of financial professionals?

In this episode, Larry Heller, CFP®, welcomes Stephen Brodsky, Esq., a corporate partner as they explore fiduciary duties in the financial industry. Stephen helps to simplify the legal terms used by financial professionals to give you a better understanding of their duties.  Larry and Stephen discuss whether all financial advisors should be a fiduciary. Why and why not?

Stephen discusses:

  • What a fiduciary is in practical terms
  • What a Regulatory Best Interest (Reg BI) is and what it means
  • How his chapter in “Fiduciary Duty Claims Involving Investment Advisers and Other Financial Professionals” helps to clarify this often-confused part of the financial world
  • And more

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