Two Assessments You Need to Dramatically Increase Personal & Team Productivity with Glenn Shelton

So how many times on this podcast have you heard me mention Kolbe or Enneagram? A bunch.

If you know me in real life, you know that I have really adopted these ideas/assessments to help me be a better mom, wife, coworker, leader, coach, and most importantly to understand myself in a better way and to really maximize my own personal potential by increasing my self-awareness… both in my strengths but also in my weaknesses and potential traps!

And if you listened to episode #38 we learned that studies show that self-awareness is the #1 skill (meaning it's something you can learn) that drives success.

My biggest takeaways from this conversation are that I need to better understand Enneagram and Kolbe not just for my own personal self-awareness and productivity… but also be increase my understanding of the people around me and how to relate to them and to help them maximize their potential & productivity too… be a better leader.

So how do we increase this awareness of ourselves, and also of the individuals around us?

In this episode we’re speaking with a Kolbe and Enneagram expert that is going to illuminate the heck out of us for personal and professional growth.

A lot of people listening have taken these assessments… but if you haven’t no worries. I've got them here in the show notes. You’ll still glean a lot from this episode EVEN if you haven’t taken them… and you can always come back and re-listen once you have.

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