Turning the Page to the Next Gen Advisor With Tim Gerend

Tim Gerend is the Chief Distribution Officer at Northwestern Mutual, a company combining the expertise of financial professionals with a personalized digital experience and leading-edge technology to best serve clients with their insurance, investments, and life goals.

Doug and Tim talked about the results of their Planning and Progress Study which presented revealing statistics on financial planning and the lack of advisor use.

They also discussed:

  • Why the industry may be more focused on fundraising and corporate growth than on the end investor
  • How to better meet the next generation of investors
  • The puzzle of the country becoming more diverse while the industry remains stagnant
  • What a digital future means and why building tech stacks should not be the main focus
  • Why more advisors don’t provide holistic services
  • Preparing for the next generation of advisors

Resources: Northwestern Mutual 

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