This Is Why Some Financial Advisors Stay Stuck

Many financial advisors grow their businesses every year. A select few are able to multiply their income year over year.  But some financial advisors stay stuck.

They work all day and barely see their families—just to make the same amount of money they made last year.  Why? That’s what this episode is all about. You’ll discover why some financial advisors stay stuck—and how to escape that cycle if you are stuck yourself.  Ready to stop sabotaging yourself and unleash success? Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • The stupid-simple question that can transform your mindset, your business and your (4:09)
  • Why learning a simple skill in 2 hours could grow your wealth for the rest of your life. (7:07)
  • Why “saving money” on courses, subscriptions and books costs you more than a luxurious lifestyle ever will. (11:08)
  • How buying products with a money-back-guarantee could sabotage your wealth building and keep you stuck with a mediocre income (14:33)

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