The Truth About Wanting To Keep Up With The Joneses

Since its first appearance in 1913, the concept of the Joneses has become more prevalent with the rise of social media.

If you need a refresher, this alludes to wanting to own the same expensive objects and do the same things as your friends do and own.

How to beat the Joneses?

Michael Labos and Piotrowski Insurance Agency’s Pete Piotrowski, tell you in this week’s episode.

They discuss the concept of keeping up with the Joneses and how the small comic from 1913 has wound its way within current society. Plus, drawing from his own experience, Pete reveals how he purchased and sold a car due to budgeting and life transitions.

Pete discusses:

  • Ways keeping up with the Joneses impacts Gen Xers 
  • How media has influenced our perception of happiness
  • Tips to overcome and stop keeping up with the Joneses
  • What was it like to buy and sell a car he didn’t need
  • And more!

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