The Start To A Better Women’s Financial Future

The history of women entering the financial industry has always been that they had to adapt their skills and strengths to follow the business model that was designed by men for men. Not anymore. 

In this inaugural episode, Adri Miller-Heckman introduces herself, her business and her vision for success. Adri tells her story on how she became a financial advisor and found her calling, founding the femXadvisor to inspire and empower women to leverage their natural strengths and create a successful practice. 

Adri discusses: 

  • How she got started in the financial industry 
  • Who her clients primarily tend to represent and who she models her methods towards
  • Adri’s unique coaching method unlike any you’ve heard before
  • Her journey as a National Training Officer
  • Her defining moment in life that helped shape her path
  • How to find balance in success 
  • And more

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