The Problem With Budgets

Is anyone honestly excited about budgets? Maybe two people out of 100!

Let’s explore why we don’t like traditional budgets and how to shift our mindset around tracking out numbers.

In this episode, Financial Dignity® Coach, Christine Luken, talks about the challenges of traditional budgeting and offers a new perspective on managing personal finances. She suggests reframing budgeting as a prosperity plan or a wealth accumulation plan and emphasizes the importance of a sustainable and personalized approach. Christine also touches on the importance of both micro and macro budgeting and explains what they’re best suited for.

Christine talks about: 

  • Why budget is an emotionally loaded word
  • The cookie cutter problem with traditional budgeting
  • Why the pass/fail paradigm is a problematic approach to budgeting
  • Macro vs Micro budgeting
  • And more

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