The Partner to Take Your Business to the Next Level with Paul Lee

We love to hear, learn from and share advisor stories. What works for them, what challenges they face, how they continually up their game, and what they’ve learned along the way that has helped shape the advisor they are today.

Today’s guest is Paul Lee from Kingswood U.S., an advisor with a rapidly advancing career who helps the next generation of investors make smart investment choices.

In this episode of Power Your Advice, Doug and Paul talk about his career in financial services and his perspective on some of the challenges advisors face today. They also discuss:

  • What he learned working in a wirehouse
  • What his sweet spot is in working with clients
  • How he manages the responsibility of being a financial advisor
  • What his thought process was in choosing a new firm with which to affiliate his business
  • Why he chose to work with Kingswood U.S. over other firms

Resources: Kingswood U.S.

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