The One Question Every Family Asks Me with Dan Golosovker

The number one problem ultra high net worth families face is finding a resource that helps them have a complete view of their wealth as a family, regardless of where the assets are managed or by whom they are managed by.

That’s why SineCera Capital enlisted Addepar to help solve this problem.

In this episode, Kevin Kaylakie has a conversation with Addepar’s Head of Portfolio and Market Analytics, Dan Golosovker. As a leading provider of technology and wealth management solutions for investment advisors and family offices, Addepar and Dan work to help investors have a better understanding of the flow of their wealth through their unique solutions. 

Dan discusses: 

  • ”01:28” His background and how he came to be the head of portfolio and market analytics for Addepar
  • ”06:01” What is Addepar and how the platform benefits their clients
  • ”11:23” The data pledge for privacy Addepar takes, and what The Investment Sentiment Index is
  • ”22:30” What happened to the market in March 2020
  • And more

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