The Importance of the Right Clearing House Partner with Michael Scaplen and Brian King

Realto, through its partnership with Axos Clearing, became the first ever platform to have a fully electronic secondary transaction of an alternative investment. 

In today’s episode, Michael Scaplen, Senior Vice President of Sales at Axos Clearing, LLC, and Brian King, CEO and Co-Found of Realto again join Doug for a discussion about the importance of choosing the right partner for now and into the future.

  • Why do firms choose a specific clearing partner to suit their needs? 
  • How Axos is working to expand its FinTech capabilities
  • How far in advance Realto worked to get the right partner in place
  • How Axos invests in its clients by bringing in the correct resources to design solutions to meet their needs
  • The questions Realto needed answered as they searched for the correct clearing partner

Resources: Axos Clearing | Realto

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