The High Pressures of Managing High Incomes with Vicki Greene

Vicki Greene is the Chief Investment Officer at G Squared Private Wealth. G Squared creates customized boutique private wealth and an experience that provides safe and steady investing through smart planning. 

Live from our fall Advisorpedia Podcast Pop-Up in New York City, Doug and Vicki discuss the business of investment planning for the ultra high net worth and the pressures that follow.

They also discussed: 

  • The most unique aspects of working with the ultra high net worth
  • Why the choice of this more intensive business and market
  • How to structure the workload and staff to be as efficient as possible
  • How to approach building portfolios for the high net worth
  • Tips for multi generational families and the importance of financial education for the younger members
  • The conversations with clients about crypto
  • The biggest challenges clients are facing right now 
  • The position of being a CIO and its pressures
  • The future of G Squared

Resources: G Squared Private Wealth

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