The Evolution of Retirement Planning with Tony Leal

Tony Leal is President at Envestnet | MoneyGuide, a resource that helps advisors’ clients define and prioritize their goals into needs, wants and wishes before meeting with them. 

In today’s episode, Doug and Tony talk about the evolution of retirement planning over the last 20 years and how Envestnet, through the MoneyGuide Pro platform, helps advisors better discuss their clients’ retirement aspirations with them. They also discuss

  • What advisor conversations about retirement should look like
  • How MoneyGuide can help advisors discuss both the accumulation and decumulation process with their clients
  • How we as an industry got to a place where annuities have gone from good to bad to good again
  • How MoneyGuide can assist with calculation of social security in a client portfolio
  • What makes MoneyGuide Pro different from other retirement planning products

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