The Defining Moment for Women Advisors with Catherine M. Magaña

Success as a female advisor is not only about long hours and elbow grease. 

Great success is often a result of a defining moment in our lives—a moment when we choose to go our own way, and begin to carve out our own path, defying industry pressures, because it feels right and is what authenticity is all about

In this episode, Adri speaks to Catherine Magaña, managing partner and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional at WWM Financial about how she fearlessly embraced her authentic self, and transformed her business as an advisor to help both women and men understand their true financial success. 

Adri and Catherine discuss: 

  • The change in a woman’s role in the financial industry 
  • Managing building a business while still following industry protocols 
  • Balancing having a family and running a successful business
  • How the focus shifted for WWM Financial from men to women 
  • Advice Catherine has for other female advisors 
  • And more

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