The BOVA Method for Mind Mapping: Organize Your Ideas in 4 Simple Steps

Podcasts require more preparation than you might expect.

When your mind is racing with ideas, it’s important to ensure you don’t digress, don’t leave anything out, and still leave room for some impromptu creativity!

In this episode, Matt Halloran and Kirk Lowe help you do just that. Using mind maps and ProudMouth’s proprietary workflow method called BOVA (brainstorm, organize, validate, assign), they teach you how to organize your ideas so you can record a podcast that turns gives your listeners a ton of value.

Matt and Kirk discuss:

  • The importance of judgment-free brainstorming
  • How the BOVA method turns messy ideas into clear actions
  • Four areas where mind maps are a game-changer
  • Why MindMeister is our go-to mind mapping tool
  • And more

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