Take This Red Pill to Exit the Rat Race With Jerome Myers

No matter how successful you become, your days will feel empty if you’re not living a life of fulfillment. 

Ready to exit the rat race? It’s time to take the red pill!

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Jerome Myers. Jerome is the preeminent authority on dream realization, founder and head coach of Myers Methods, founder of Dream Catchers, and host of podcasts “Multifamily Missteps and “Dreamcatchers.” Jerome shares why he prescribes the red pill to all advisors. And, he unpacks the red pill’s six levels: self-image, relationships, work, health, prosperity, and significance.

Jerome discusses:

  • The root causes of all the negative emotions in your life
  • How to take control of your life by mastering the six levels of the red pill
  • What true prosperity means and how it leads to a life of significance
  • Reflective questions to ask yourself to exit the matrix faster
  • And more

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