Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone as a Female Financial Advisor with Michelle Kaufman

As a woman in the financial industry, you are often forced to step outside your comfort zone and make decisions that you truly know are right for yourself and your clients. 

In this episode, Adri talks to Michelle Kaufman, CFA, CPWA®, Founder of Prioritas Financial Advisors about Michelle’s journey in the financial industry and why she decided to go from working with major companies such as Credit Suisse and Bloomberg to open her independent practice. 

Adri and Michelle discuss: 

  • What drove Michelle to be successful initially when she started her professional journey
  • Michelle’s experience as a woman in high male testosterone environments 
  • How she was able to step out of her comfort zone 
  • Michelle’s experience transitioning from massive firms such as Credit Suisse and Bloomberg to her on independent wealth management firm 
  • How being open-minded and thoughtful played a role in Michelle’s career path
  • And more

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