Should You Outsource Your Podcast? Here’s the Complete Cost-Benefit Analysis!

Let’s say you decide to start a podcast. Will you outsource its production or do it yourself?

Matt Halloran and Kirk Lowe are helping you answer this question! Join them to learn about the podcast production process on a granular level — content creation, editing, marketing, expected results and costs, and more. Doing a complete cost-benefit analysis of outsourcing a podcast, they leave no stone unturned to help you decide which way to go!

Matt and Kirk discuss:

  • Creating your own content vs. using canned solutions — what’s best for you?
  • Expected costs of hiring different podcast production companies in the market (including us!)
  • How to come up with your first 24 podcast topics quickly
  • Expected results of outsourcing vs. in-house production
  • How to use your podcast to build long-term marketing momentum
  • And more