Revolutionizing Marketing Systems for IMOs

These days, if you don’t have a digital presence, you don’t exist for most prospects. It’s time to create a fully integrated marketing system that’s ever-present and builds relationships.

In this episode, Matt Halloran and  guest Marc Rogers, founder of Producers Prospect, talk about how to create a fully integrated marketing system –– even if you don’t know where to begin. Marc shares tips on how to grow your business by hosting in-person and virtual events with confidence. Then, he uncovers insights into tactical branding and how to multiply your “A” clients.

Marc discusses:

  • Small, but significant and underused, touches that move an event attendee from prospect to client
  • Business areas where delegating makes the most sense for advisors
  • The growth he has achieved through a modern marketing approach
  • Ways to rekindle your passion and rethink your prospecting approach
  • And more

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