Private Market Investing for Family Offices and High-Net-Worth Individuals

The private market space has been around for a long time. But recently, it has been gaining interest from family offices and high-net-worth individuals.

SineCera Capital remains highly committed to finding the right private investment managers who can be trusted with clients’ capital.

In this episode, Kevin Kaylakie sits down with Alexander Schoenbaum, CEO of CrowdOut Capital, a leading private investor in lower-to-middle-market companies. Alexander shares how CrowdOut Capital makes private investment opportunities easily accessible to family offices and individual investors.

Alexander discusses: 

  • ”12:08” The growth of private debt investments as an asset class
  • ”19:28” The impact of COVID-19 on the private investment space
  • ”25:31” How CrowdOut enables clients to participate in funds as well as individual deals
  • ”30:54” Valuable advice for families and individuals new to private investing
  • And more

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