Preparing Clients and Protecting Funds with Karl Frank

Recorded at the Axos Advisor Services — Focus on the Future Conference in Denver Colorado

Karl Frank is the president of A&I Financial services based out of Colorado, a company set on helping a number of successful families grow and protect their investments. 

Live from the Axos Advisor service conference, Focus on the Future, in Denver Colorado, Doug and Karl discuss the role of a generational advisor and the importance of financial literacy for all demographics. 

Also discussed:

  • The background of the second generation family firm
  • How to get families to open up as a unit about the sometimes taboo topic of financials
  • Preparing families for intergenerational wealth transfer
  • The firm’s focus on woman’s wealth and wellness
  • Reflections of the challenges through this past year of change from an asset management perspective
  • The worries and trepedations related to cryptocurrency
  • Communicating financial literacy to the younger generations

Resources: A&I Financial Services | Axos Advisor Services

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