Move Over, Bucket Lists: Live It Lists Are Life-Changing For Clients with Nicole Middendorf

Do your clients believe they’ll be happy once they acquire that one new thing — a new car, another house, or more money in their bank account?

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Nicole Middendorf,  CEO of Prosperwell, about how you can help your clients improve the quality of their lives right now by spending money on experiences instead of things. Get ready to deepen your relationship with clients by encouraging them to transform their relationships with money. 

Nicole discusses:

  • The exact, eye-opening moment that prompted her to replace “bucket list” with “Live It List”
  • How an I-can’t-believe-that-happened mishap forever changed how she presents herself to the world
  • An actual fun way to get you and your spouse talking about money (and not just once!)
  • Trade secrets on how to make TV anchors jobs easier during interviews, dramatically increasing your chances of being asked back

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