Mind Mapping: Turn the Messiest Ideas Into Clear Actions for Your Team!

Do you ever leave meetings feeling disappointed because you have disorganized notes that you know will be a nightmare for your team to understand, let alone act on? 

The easiest and best solution is mind mapping!

In this episode, Matt Halloran is joined by Michelle Matus,  the product marketing leader at Meister. Meister has a mind-mapping tool called MindMeister, which we use to organize our meeting notes and podcast outlines into clear, actionable steps. Now, Michelle shares how you can use this tool to transform your ideas into content, turn notes into organized next steps for your team, and collaborate with clients on their retirement plans.

Michelle discusses:

  • Why mind mapping caters to right- and left-brain approaches to planning and sorting ideas
  • How to use a mind map to turn conference and meeting notes into actionable steps for your team
  • Her strategy for using mind mapping to plan marketing launches and content that creates brand awareness and audience engagement
  • How to use MindMeister to collaborate with your clients on their retirement plans (they have an easy template for that!)
  • And more

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