Making Room for Your Startup in a Crowded Space With Desmond Wiggan

For those who have thought of an idea for a tech startup in a crowded space, it can be tempting to think that your idea must be completely brand new and inventive. Especially when you consider the seemingly ubiquitous announcements that so-and-so big name venture capital investor has chosen to back so-and-so startup looking to go where no one has gone before, which tend to dominate the headlines. However, if done right, there can also be room for those who have built a better mouse trap to enter into a crowded space and make a name for themselves. 

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge sits down with the CEO and co-founder of Battery Xchange, Desmond Wiggan, to discuss what it was like starting his own tech company, a few of the hurdles he has encountered along the way, and how one small tweak to their target market has made a big impact on their success.

Desmond discusses: 

  • What it was like building a tech company in North Carolina and the importance of starting where you are
  • How the idea for Battery Xchange came out of necessity while he was on a work trip overseas
  • What it’s like being a third-generation entrepreneur
  • Why Battery Xchange ultimately pivoted its focus from restaurants and bars to universities and sports venues
  • And more

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