Making Alternatives Accessible Through Technology with Brian King

Brian King is the Co-Founder and CEO of Realto, a next generation marketplace that unlocks opportunities in the real estate and other secondary investment markets. We’re connecting buyers and sellers like never before and modernizing their portfolio with less volatile, more versatile investment options. 

In today’s episode, Doug & Brian talk about Brian’s long-term interest in private markets and entrepreneurism, and how it drove him to found Realto. They also discuss:

  • Why interest in alternatives continues to grow
  • How Realto is different from other companies popping up in the alternative space
  • How Realto defines real estate opportunities
  • Why Realto wants to work side-by-side with advisors
  • How Brian started a business during the pandemic
  • What the future might hold for Realto

Recorded at the Axos Clearing Leadership Summit

Resources: Realto | Axos Clearing

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