Make Failure Your Friend and Succeed Faster with Carrie Gallaway

She has a highly successful independent firm and is skyrocketing her business…But it was the “failures” that propelled her success. When you make failure your friend, success comes faster.

The only voice you should truly listen to is the one coming from your heart because nobody knows you like you do. 

In this episode, Adri chats with Carrie Gallaway, Managing Partner at YorkBridge Wealth Partners, about how failing her first test in a job application process not only shifted her focus but changed how the rest of her life would play out… 

Adri and Carrie discuss: 

  • Why Carrie failed her job application test and how she handled it 
  • Taking the necessary steps out of her comfort zone 
  • Starting her own practice, YorkBridge Wealth Partners, and why she decided to focus on women 
  • How being a woman played a role in her uncovering her purpose as a financial advisor 

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