Live the Life You Deserve by Accepting the “Mindset Paradox”

A ton of experts, gurus and coaches love to talk about mindset. And if you think like a loser, you’ll become a loser.  But if you only think about success, you’ll never be wealthy, never live in the house you want or drive the car you want. 

You’ll only reach your goals if you take action. In this episode, you’ll discover how to live the life you deserve by accepting the “mindset paradox”.  Want to discover how to leverage the “mindset paradox” to unleash success, wealth and freedom in your life? Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • The F. Scott Fitzgerald quote that fast-tracks your goals (even if you stop working for months) (0:53)
  • How an ancient “scam” lets you attract more clients and build a thriving business (3:57)
  • The largely-forgotten 1950s recording that makes you accomplish your goals on autopilot (7:42)
  • Why changing your mindset can transform your sales results (even if you keep using the same sales script) (11:24)

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