Is Social Selling Even Worth It for Advisors? With Carson Heady

Your prospects may not hire you right away. But when they’re ready to work with an advisor, you’ll want them to think of you first! 

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Carson Heady. Carson is Microsoft’s health solutions director and their number one social seller, as well as a Sales Hall of Fame inductee and a best-selling author. Now, he’s making the case for how advisors can benefit from social selling, especially on LinkedIn! Carson shares how to use social selling to stay top of mind and build a community around your expertise.  

Carson discusses:

  • 3 social-selling strategies for standing out among thousands of other advisors on social media
  • Success stories that he can directly attribute to social selling on LinkedIn
  • How he helps professionals sell to a hyper-focused niche
  • Every reason to create a prospect “hit list” for effective niche marketing
  • And more

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