Is Financial Advice an Industry or Profession?

Recorded by: Adam Holt & Derek Notman

Join us for this fun and insightful conversation with renowned advisor & thought leader Kobus Kleyn. 

Kobus is well respected not only in his homeland, South Africa, but globally as a professional driving advisors forward.  A big part of this is his mission to help transform our industry into a profession.  Learn more about why this is so important and also how he is all-in with being a Virtual advisor and how he did it in 100 days!

Kobus, Adam & Derek discuss:

  • How Kobus got started
  • His addiction to South Africa
  • Why it’s vitally important for advisors to shift from being in an industry to embracing our profession
  • His experience with the pandemic and how he used it to transform his business to that of 99% virtual while traveling the world

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