The Importance of Leadership in Investing with Clarity

Investors hire financial advisors because they want to have a leader who will give them expert advice and guide them to reach their investment plan goals. However, too many investors do not have leadership that is founded on clarity . In this episode, Mark Pearson takes a critical look at the typical client journey to help investors consider how they’re being served.Related: The Race to the Bottom and the Impact on Your Investment Outlook

In today’s episode on the importance of leadership, Mark discusses:

  • The biggest mistakes advisors make with their risk tolerance questionnaires
  • Why “risk” and “volatility” do not belong in the same sentence
  • The three real areas of risk for investors
  • Mark’s real-life experience with investors reacting emotionally to their investments
  • And more!
  • Tune in now to learn how clarity-based leadership can help you reach your investing goals!