Humanizing the Language of Wealth Management with Laton Spahr

Laton Spahr is the President & Portfolio Manager of ALPS Advisors, the innovative asset management, distribution, and fund services business within SS&C Technologies.

In this podcast, Doug and Laton discuss the importance of understanding the spectrum of investment management, and how to get great investment ideas in the client’s hands more efficiently.

They also discussed:

  • Spahr’s transition from portfolio management to leading an asset manager focused on ETFs and wealth management integration
  • Disintermediation across the industry and visions of that change
  • How technology will improve the ability of wealth management managers to deliver on their value proposition
  • How asset managers adapt to the changes in wrappers, distribution, and the overall influence of wealth managers
  • Who ALPS Advisors is both cooperating with and competing with 
  • The most significant challenges heard from large wealth managers and smaller independent advisors

Resources: SS&C Technologies

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